Introducing Perfect Drums!

The innovative virtual drum instrument featuring an Intelligent Sampling Engine.


The ultimate fully-featured sampler, enabling you to create unique multi-sampled drum instruments incorporating: full control over different articulations, microphone groups, dynamic layers and every single audio sample in a quick and easy way.


Incredible mixing flexibility and capabilities: comprehensive metering, instrument level, pan & phase controls, parallel processing groups, fully configurable mix routings, including internal auxiliary busses and multiple outputs.

Hear it in action!

See it in detail!

Meet Perfect Drums TCI!


Using Slate Digital TRIGGER? We got you covered!

Perfect Drums TCI is a special version of Perfect Drums created for use with the Slate TRIGGER plugin.  It contains 54 instruments found in the factory sound library:

  • 13 kick drums
  • 12 snare drums
  • 29 toms (8 full sets)

Each instrument incorporates all the available Perfect Drums’ sample groups, including:

  • DIRECT microphone samples
  • FX samples (parallel processed samples)
  • OVERHEAD samples
  • ROOM samples
  • REVERB samples


To get the Perfect Drums TCI pack please proceed to the PURCHASE page.