Perfect Drums is now DW Soundworks!

Perfect Drums 2 is now DW Soundworks and it is officially released now! All the original PD library and content will be available in Soundworks. All Perfect Drums customers are eligible for a 50% OFF upgrade deal. The codes were sent via email, if you for some reason have not received your discount code please reach out to us with your PD user email.
DW Soundworks Product Page

DW Soundworks Product Page

For more information and details please navigate to the DW Soundworks product page.

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What Pro's Say?

Perfect Drums is used by some of the best top producers in the industry. Find what they say:
Andy Sneap

Andy Sneap

Recording/Mixing Engineer, Producer

"Love the program. Drums sound great! Can't wait for PD2!"

Jocke Skog

Jocke Skog

Guitarist, Producer

"PD made some buzz on the scene here since it's launch. Great sounding drums!"

Andy James

Andy James

Guitarist, Producer

"I use Perfect Drums to augment drums on many of my tracks and it always blends perfectly well!"

Using Slate Digital Trigger? We Got You Covered!

Perfect Drums TCI is a special version of Perfect Drums created for use with the Slate TRIGGER plugin.  It contains 54 instruments found in the factory sound library:

  • 13 kick drums
  • 12 snare drums
  • 29 toms (8 full sets)

Each instrument incorporates all the available Perfect Drums’ sample groups, including:

  • DIRECT microphone samples
  • FX samples (parallel processed samples)
  • OVERHEAD samples
  • ROOM samples
  • REVERB samples

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