The Drums

Perfect Drums comes with the extensive sound library, consisting of 131 meticulously sampled drum instruments from some of the best drum manufacturers currently out there. Those include: 13 kick drums, 12 snare drums, 29 toms (8 full sets), 9 hi-hats, 11 rides, 31 crash cymbals sampled on different position, 13 china cymbals (5 on the left side and 8 on the right), 8 splash cymbals, 2 custom stack cymbals, 2 bells and 1 jam block instrument, all forming the 12 Perfect Kit presets.

While working on the Perfect Drums factory sound library, we were trying to make it sit perfectly in a busy mix, whilst still retaining the natural and organic feeling. That is why Perfect Drums sounds great just right out of the box, with absolutely no additional post processing needed. In order to achieve that, we have created the FX Sample Group, which can be considered as a parallel processing bus, you usually have when mixing drums. What we did there is we took all the Direct (close microphone) samples of all the instruments and processed them, using a variety of high end hardware and software tone shaping tools. We have even blended some “one shot” samples into some of the snare and kick instruments’ FX groups to make them cut through the mix of any complexity! So, adjusting the single FX knob, you are able to get a desired amount of processing on any instrument. Keeping it lower will result in an almost unprocessed natural drum sound, while cranking it up will bring you a more compressed and processed tone, suitable for a heavier musical material. Play with it to find your sweet spot!

When talking about Drums, we are also talking about the Ambience, which plays a very important role in any drum sound. That’s why we have created the REVERB sample group. And what we actually did there is we, again, took the instruments’ close microphone samples and processed them with a top notch hardware reverb unit. So do not hesitate to use it and you will see how quickly it is about to become a good friend of yours!


Large selection of drums and cymbals sampled with a great attention to every nuance.


Get the desired amount of processing on any instrument just adjusting a single FX knob!


Add some space, bringing the high-end reverb unit to your mix with the REVERB bus!


Instant instrument loading “on the fly” with no clicks and pops!


Auditioning any other instrument will include all the mixer settings, levels and parameters of the currently used instruments!

The Sampler

The heart of Perfect Drums is it’s unique, never seen before Intelligent Sampling Engine, open for every user. It enables you to create your own fully featured multi-sampled drum instruments in just a few mouse clicks. At your service are 16 instrument slots. Each instrument can have up to 6 articulations, 5 sample groups (microphone groups) and 3 dynamic layers (for hard, medium and soft hits appropriately). A total of 8 samples are available per a dynamic layer giving you a maximum of 720 audio samples per instrument! The engine is also giving you a full control over the MIDI velocity ranges, choke voicing (for the «muted» articulations) and other options.

Every single audio sample, used in your instrument also has it’s own level fader, phase inversion, solo & mute functions. You are also free to import the files one by one, or all at once with the ability to rearrange the list of samples later on. Add to that a detailed waveform view with adjustable zoom and you get a truly perfect tool to control all of your samples.

Each sample has also got it’s own envelope controls, letting you fine-tune the sample’s start and end points. As well as the attack and decay times, together with the decay tension curve. So it won’t be a problem to reduce some sustain of that ride cymbals you got there! Making those room mics «closer» and finding the perfect phase will also be easy by tweaking their start point just using the single knob!

When done creating your instruments you may wanna share them. And of course you’ve got an options for that in Perfect Drums. You can save your instruments and kits in a regular format for a further use. But you can also export them in a portable format, thus having all of your samples and instrument settings packed in one solid file, which will be very easy to share and deliver to anyone out there! And by saying «anyone» we really mean ANYONE. Thanks to the Perfect Drums Player version, which is available for FREE, and comes in all formats for all platforms, so you can be sure any user will be able to load your instruments in the DAW of his preference and use it having all the Perfect Drums workflow benefits. And of course it’s up to you whether to share your instruments for free or put them on sale!


Create your own multi-sampled drum instruments with just a few mouse clicks!


Get all the controls over every single audio sample, used in your instrument!


Share or sell your instruments to anyone out there, knowing that every user will be able to load them with a FREE Perfect Drums Player plugin!

The Mixer

The mixer is a big part of Perfect Drums. It was built to keep your drums in a perfect balance, giving you the fullest control over your instruments with unbeatable flexibility and capabilities.

In Perfect Drums, each instrument has got it’s own channel strip, giving you access to all of it’s controls. The instrument’s master volume knob, pitch tune, mute & solo buttons can be found there, as well as the bleeding levels for all of the available sample groups. Each instrument has also got it’s own Direct Bus, in addition to the common Overhead, Room and Reverb busses, where any of the instrument’s sample groups can be routed for an extra flexibility. Each bus provides you with some useful controls, such as Pan, Solo & Mute, Phase Reversion, as well as the output level fader and a beatiful fully scaled VU meter. The output section let’s you route the instruments to an input track within your DAW.

Mixer Options Section enables you to switch the mixer view between the factory Drums and Sampler instruments. The global perspective can also be changed from there, which gives you the option to reverse all the instrument’s pannings with just a single mouse click.

The routings page reveals the fully customizable instrument’s internal routings diagram. Any instrument’s sample group can be routed either to it’s Direct Bus, the 16 available AUX tracks, or to the global Overhead, Room & Reverb busses, and can be then routed to one of the 16 stereo outputs to your DAW, thus giving you endless routing possibilities.

AUX tracks are useful for putting some instruments or sample groups together for a more comfortable workflow. Let’s say you would like to keep all of your cymbal instruments on one common track. This can be done using the appropriate AUX bus, where all the cymbals are routed. Feel free to experiment with the Perfect Drums routings and you will see, that AUX busses can really become your good friends for a while!


Quickly control each instrument’s pitch, master volume level together with the Solo & Mute functions.


Every instrument has got it’s own Direct Bus, in addition to the global Overhead, Room & Reverb busses.


Route your instruments to one of the 16 available stereo input tracks within your DAW.


Send your instruments to the available 16 AUX tracks for even more flexible workflow!