perfect drums player


What is Perfect Drums Player?

Perfect Drums Player is a FREE virtual instrument plug-in, featuring an intelligent sampling engine, that enables anyone to load and use unique multi-sampled instruments, created in the full version of Perfect Drums.

Perfect Drums Player gives you access to multi-sampled drum instruments incorporating: full control over different articulations, microphone groups, dynamic layers and every single audio sample in a quick and easy way.

Perfect Drums Player also features a a mixer with incredible flexibility. It gives the user comprehensive metering, instrument level, pan & phase controls, parallel processing groups, fully configurable mix routings, including internal auxiliary busses and multiple outputs. Perfect Drums is able to carry out any mixing task, keeping your drums in a perfect balance.

Additionally, we have made the Perfect Drums DEMO kit for you to try in the PD Player. It has 8 instruments taken from one of the Perfect Drums factory preset kits. Those include: kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom, hihat, ride and two crash cymbals. The number of round robins is limited to 2 per dynamic layer though as a part of demo limitation (full version has 8 round robins per dynamic layer). To load the kit use the “Load Sampler Kit” function found at the Kit Designer drop down menu.

You may also want to try the MIDI map, based on the product you are used to. So we created a bunch of Sampler MIDI map presets for you. You can load them using the “Load Sampler Map” function found at the Global Mappings menu. Have fun!