How To Authorize My Copy?

On first launching Perfect Drums from within your host application, you will be presented with an authorization screen and prompted to authorize your software copy. The authorization screen will display your unique System ID and ask you to input a serial number and an authorization code in order to use the software. Please follow the steps below to get it authorized:

  1. Copy the System ID number you can see in the respective field.
  2. Send this number (included as a message subject) to our registration email address at:
  3. We’ll get back with the response codes right away so you could paste them to the corresponding fields.

After entering your personal authorization data, press “Authorize” in the Perfect Drums registration dialog box. You will be greeted with a congratulation to confirm that Perfect Drums has been successfully authorized. Restart your host application and enjoy your product.

Should Authorization fail, please first make sure that System ID displayed in the Authorization Screen indeed matches the one you sent us to generate the codes. If not, please resend it with the proper ID. In some rare cases you should also reboot your system for the codes to work.

Should Authorization still fail, please include your system ID, obtained serial number and authorization code, and contact the support advisers at so we can help you with your problem as efficiently as possible.