Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions

1.1 What are the Perfect Drums system requirements?

Macintosh Computers:

  • Mac OS 10.6 or newer (64 bit only)
  • Dual Core Intel processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB strongly recommended)
  • Minimum 5 GB free HDD space
  • Display capable of at least 1280×1024
  • Sound card with ASIO or Core Audio driver
  • 64 bit AU, VST or AAX host application


Windows Computers:

  • Windows XP or newer OS (64 bit only)
  • Dual Core processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB strongly recommended)
  • Minimum 5 GB free HDD space
  • Display capable of at least 1280×1024
  • Sound card with ASIO driver
  • 64 bit VST or AAX host application
1.2 So is it 64bit only?

Yes. Perfect Drums is 64bit only so make sure you have both the 64bit operating system and a 64bit compatible audio host application in order to run the software.

Please note that some DAW’s are still offering separate installers/apps for 32bit and 64bit versions so make sure to launch the 64bit one.

List of incompatible DAWs:

We can confirm that the following DAWs are not supported because they are 32 bit only

  • Pro Tools 10 and earlier
  • Adobe Audition
  • Cubase 5 and earlier
1.3 Does Perfect Drums work in standalone or is it a plugin only?

Perfect Drums works both as a 64bit standalone application and as a native VST/AU/AAX instrument plugin within your DAW host.

1.4 Where can I find the user manual?

You can find the user manual in the MEDIA section on the web site, as well as in program installation folder on your computer, which is as follows:

Mac OS: Macintosh HD > Library > Documentation > Naughty Seal Audio

Windows: C: > Program Files > Naughty Seal Audio > Perfect Drums

1.5 Will there be any expansion libraries coming any time soon?

Yes, just as we have done with the v1.5 update which included the new sound library merged with the factory one. There will be more expansion libraries coming as well.

1.6 Am I able to move the library file to a custom location?

Yes. When you launch Perfect Drums for the first time you will be asked to specify the path to the library data file (Factory_Library.pdlib). You can also drag and drop it directly to the plugin window. This procedure can be repeated each time you would like to change the data file location.

1.7 What is perfect drums tci pack?

Perfect Drums TCI is a special version of Perfect Drums created for use with the Slate Digital TRIGGER plugin.  It contains 54 instruments found in the factory sound library:

  • 13 kick drums
  • 12 snare drums
  • 29 toms (8 full sets)


Each instrument incorporates all the available Perfect Drums’ sample groups, including:

  • DIRECT microphone samples
  • FX samples (parallel processed samples)
  • OVERHEAD samples
  • ROOM samples
  • REVERB samples
1.8 Will I get the TCI pack included when I purchase the full version?

Yes. The Slate Digital Trigger pack is included in the full version.

1.9 What is the difference between Perfect Drums and PD Player?

Perfect Drums Player is a free virtual instrument plug-in, that enables anyone to load and use unique multi-sampled instruments, created in the full version of Perfect Drums.

So the main difference is that you can NOT create your own instruments out of your samples in the PD Player. This is only possible in the full version. PD Player just let’s anyone load these instruments so you can be 100% sure that every single person in the world will be able to load your instruments created in the full version.


1.10 Is there any demo version to try?

We currently do not provide any demo due to the security reasons mainly. However we have created a demo kit for the free PD Player containing 8 instruments from one of the factory library presets. The number of round robins is limited to 2 per dynamic layer though as a part of a demo limitation. But it gives you a basic understanding of what you get in the full version and you can try it out in your mix. Not to mention that you are able to get your self familiar with the PD mixer capabilities that is also incorporated in the PD Player. You can find the link to the demo kit as well as the PD Player itself on the following page:

Just load the .pdpk file in the PD Player. On the Sampler tab, at the Kit Designer section click on the little “gears” icon and choose “Load Sampler Kit” from the drop down menu.

You can also find the free Ludwig Carl Palmer snare drum we are giving away in the PD Player format there as well.

1.11 Have you used any post processing on your Soundcloud demos?

All drums heard on all of the tracks on our Soundcloud page (“In the mix” and “Instrument preview” playlists) are 100% Perfect Drums with absolutely NO additional processing, routed from the plugin output straight to the master bus. There were however a basic mastering processing chain on the master bus itself, containing some bus compression, a tiny touch of EQ and limiter. Uncompressed “.wav” files are included for download.

1.12 What copy protection system do you use?

We use our own copy protection algorithm based on the unique system ID/response codes. So you don’t need any USB dongle to authorize your copy.

1.13 So do I need iLok to use Perfect Drums?

No, you don’t need iLok nor any other USB dongle to use Perfect Drums.

1.14 Are there any discount codes or something?

Yes. We have discount programs for educational, endorsement and other promo activities as well as for season/holiday sales.

1.15 Can I ask for a NFR license to review/endorse Perfect Drums?

Sure, we encourage any promo activities. If you want to apply, please give us a note at:

1.16 Can I transfer my license to another user?

You are of course free to transfer your copy if you decide to drop. Send us the email of the user you’d like to transfer the license to so we can put him to the user list. Of course you will no longer be in the user list after that, nor you will get any more software updates and customer support.

1.17 Do you offer product refunds?

No. All products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued. We provide you with all the info regarding the product as well as numerous audio and video demos, complete user manual and this detailed FAQ so we believe it is more than enough to build an objective and true judgement of what you get.

However (as mentioned above in the question 1.16) you are eligible to transfer your license (for fee) to another user via any internet market place if you find that you no longer need the product.

1.18 Does it come as a digital download or do I get a physical copy after purchase?

Perfect Drums is a digital download only. No physical copies sent.

1.19 What if I lose my download links? Where can I find it then?

Every customer is provided with an access to the private user area on the Perfect Drums web site, where all the product updates, download links and other information can be found at any time.

1.20 I have no PayPal account. Do you offer any other payment methods?

PayPal checkout is the only payment option at the moment.

1.21 Am I able to use Perfect Drums with my electronic kit?

Sure. You are able to use Perfect Drums with your electronic kit. It supports MIDI CC commands so you will be able to set up the hi-hat pedal and we do provide you with mapping presets based on some of the most popular e-kit models as well.

1.22 Can I use Perfect Drums on several computers with a single license?

Yes. You are free to use Perfect Drums on up to 3 machines with a single purchase.

1.23 Are there any MIDI map presets included?

Yes. We have created a bunch of MIDI map presets for you to try. Please take in mind though that the maps are adapted as close as possible and are not to be considered as 100% matching due to the differences between the instruments’ articulations and some individual specifics across different products. So you will most likely need to additionally tweak some notes (hi-hats in particular).

Additionally, you can save your own MIDI maps for further use. So there is no need to reprogram the map for every new project.

1.24 Will I get any MIDI grooves included with the software?

No. We currently do not include any MIDI grooves. But we are working on the Grooves module here right now so it will come in one of the nearest software updates.


2.1 I have downloaded and installed Perfect Drums. Where can I find it on my computer?

After you have installed Perfect Drums, you can find product related files at the following destination:

  • MAC: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Presets > Naughty Seal Audio > Perfect Drums
  • WIN: C > Program Files > Naughty Seal Audio > Perfect Drums

Perfect Drums user manual can be found at the following destination:

  • MAC: Macintosh HD > Library > Documentation > NaughtySealAudio
  • WIN: C > Program Files > Naughty Seal Audio > Perfect Drums

All the Perfect Drums plugin files are installed in the following destinations (unless you set a custom destination during the installation):

  • MAC STANDALONE APP: Macintosh HD > Applications
  • MAC VST: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-ins > VST > NaughtySealAudio
  • MAC VST 3: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-ins > VST3 > NaughtySealAudio
  • MAC AU: Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-ins > Components
  • MAC AAX: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Avid > Audio > Plug-ins > Naughty Seal Audio


  • WIN STANDALONE APP C > Program Files > Naughty Seal Audio
  • WIN VST: C > Program Files > Steinberg > VSTplugins > Naughty Seal Audio
  • WIN VST 3: C > Program Files > Common Files > VST3 > Naughty Seal Audio
  • WIN AAX: C > Program Files > Common Files > Avid > Audio > Plug-ins > Naughty Seal Audio
2.2 How do I uninstall Perfect Drums from my computer?

While you do not usually need to remove current version before updating your software since it will automatically replace all the program related files and plugins (unless you set a custom installation destination) however if you do want to uninstall Perfect Drums from your computer feel free to use the provided uninstaller or your system’s program removal utility (on Windows).

Mac users should remove all the Perfect Drums related files manually by following the destinations listed in the answer to the question 2.1.

2.3 I do not usually use that much kit pieces. Can I unload some cymbals from the memory?

Sure, you are free to unload certain kit pieces from the memory by initializing the Clear Instrument command from within the Kit Designer options menu (accessed by clicking on the little “gears” icon close to the Kit Designer menu header). You are able to unload the whole kit there as well by selecting Clear Drum Kit if you do want to start building your kit from a scratch.

2.4 Some instrument's controls are inactive and grayed out, what does that mean?

The faded (grayed out) controls are indicating that this particular instrument does not have these sample groups so they are inactive. For example, hi-hats have no REVERB, FX samples hence their respective REVERB and FX controls are not active. The same way crash cymbals do not have close microphone samples so their DIRECT controls are also grayed meaning it is inactive. You do not usually use reverb and parallel processing on cymbals. These controls are used for other kit pieces, like kick, snare and toms.

While working with the Sampler you will also see all the instrument sample groups inactive first. That is because there are no samples loaded to any of them yet. When you start creating your instrument you will see the controls becoming active while you import some samples there. This is very handy so you can instantly see which instruments have certain sample groups used.

2.5 I can trigger any kit piece by left clicking, but how do I select it?

You can select any kit piece by right clicking it on the drum kit image. Alternatively you can use the 3 menus under the Quick Controls, Articulations and Kit Designer menus.

2.6 Am I able to set multiple MIDI notes per single articulation?

Yes. You can set an alias note by right clicking the MIDI note filed (in the Articulations menu). The alias note will be highlighted in green and a little green frame will appear over the articulation, indicating it has the alias note set. Right clicking the MIDI note field again will get you back to the main note (which always has white color).

2.7 I find it difficult to select the MIDI note with the mouse. Can I see the full list of notes to choose?

Yes. Double clicking the MIDI note filed (in the Articulations menu) will bring you a pop-up window with the list of all the MIDI notes available.

2.8 I am unable to set certain MIDI notes. They are highlighted in red, what does that mean?

If you can not select a desired MIDI note and it is highlighted in red, that means it is already occupied by some other instrument’s articulation. The closest free note will be taken in this case. In order to use that note, you will need to free it first. To do it find the instrument using it and select another note or choose none (“—“). You can see all the instruments’ mappings on the Global Mappings menu.

2.9 I tried the mapping preset based on the product I am used to, but it still seems to miss some notes.

The MIDI mapping presets are not considered to be 100% matching due to the differences between products and some internal specifics across the instruments and articulations.

We tried to make them as close as possible but some extra tweaks could be still needed here and there. Specially on hi-hats.

Note also that in Perfect Drums the softest snare hits are moved to a separate articulation (Ghost Notes) so if you find PD sounding unnatural on some softer parts please make sure you have the soft hit MIDI notes triggering the Ghost Notes articulation (D#1 by default).

2.10 I find Perfect Drums sounding too processed out of the box. What should I do?

Perfect Drums features a unique approach to let you easily manipulate and tweak the amount of processing on your drums. That is achieved via the FX control knob.

The FX sample group is actually a parallel processing incorporating: EQ, compression, saturation, transient shapers and other processing typically used on a parallel bus when mixing the drums. So you simply dial in the FX knob to get yourself the desired level of processing. All the presets by default have it set somewhere in the middle, which we consider as a sweet spot to make Perfect Drums sit perfectly in any mix. But if you find it to be “too much” feel free to turn it down, or switch it off entirely. That way you will get an almost unprocessed natural drum sound.

2.11 Can I rename Sampler instrument's articulations?

Sure. All the articulations for your Sampler instruments can be renamed by double clicking on their names.

2.12 Can I create a simple one-shot instrument in the Sampler?

Perfect Drums Sampler gives you all the options to create a fully featured multi sampled drum instrument. However if you do need to create a simple one-shot instrument you can of course also do it.

Just import your sample(s) to a Hard Hits dynamic group and do not forget to set the instrument’s MIDI velocity ranges to cover all the 0-127 range so that the sample(s) will be triggered across the whole range. To do it just set the two active MIDI velocity boxes values to 0-2 respectively.

2.13 Is it possible to zoom in the sample's waveform in the Sampler?

Sure, you are able to zoom in horizontally and vertically.

To zoom in horizontally: right click the sample’s waveform image and move right or left.

To zoom in vertically: right click the sample’s waveform image and move up or down.

2.14 I read you guys saying that we can create copy protected Sampler instrument?

Yes, that is true. Exporting your instrument in a portable format already makes it encrypted meaning no .wav files can be accessed directly.

But we also provide you with a copy protection algorithm for your instruments/kits in case you’d like to put them on sale commercially. This will be handled by the PD Cloud platform coming soon. You will just upload your portable instrument there and have the access to all your license managing tools.


2.15 What is the difference between saving an instrument in a regular and portable formats?


Perfect Drums gives several options when saving your instrument/kit.

Saving it in a regular format will create a .pdi (in case with instrument) or .pdk (in case with kit) file containing all the instrument/kit settings and will load all the .wav samples from the place they where imported when creating an instrument/kit. This is a fast and easy way to store your instruments for further use on your computer.

However if you would like to share your instruments/kits or transfer them to be used on another system you may want to use the portable format. Saving it in a portable format will create a .pdpi (in case with instrument) or .pdpk (in case with kit) file containing all the instrument/kit settings incorporating all the actual .wav samples as well, making it the one solid file easy for further transfer.

Additionally, as we have already mentioned answering the question 2.14 the portable format let’s you enable your instrument/kit for copy protection when uploading it to the PD Cloud platform coming soon.

2.16 Am I able to save a preset containing both drums and sampler instruments?

Yes. This can be done by saving a combined preset. Just click on the little “gears” icon at the top menu close to the preset kits selector/loading bar to get access to the combined presets saving/loading drop down menu.

2.17 How do I save my own MIDI mapping preset?

You can save your own MIDI map preset from within the Global Mappings options menu, accessed by right clicking the little “gears” icon close to the menu header.

2.18 All the sampler instruments have some notes assigned by default. Can I remove them?

Yes. All the Sampler instruments do have some default notes assigned to their MAIN articulations for a faster workflow. However if you’d like to start creating your instruments from a scratch with no notes taken by any of the instruments, feel free to initialize the Clear Sampler Map command from within the Global Mappings menu, accessed by clicking on the little “gears” icon close to the menu header.

2.19 Am I able to route Perfect Drums instruments to separate outputs within my DAW?

Sure. You are free to route any instrument/sample group to one of the 16 available stereo outputs at the Perfect Drums mixer tab.

All the instrument routings can be adjusted on the Routings page accessed by pressing on the respective mixer options button.

You can also use any of the 16 available AUX tracks for your advanced routings. For more info regarding the routings please navigate to the product user manual.

3. Troubleshooting

3.1 I can not find Perfect Drums in the list of plugins in my DAW. What should I do?

Please make sure you are really using a 64 bit DAW first. Some DAW’s provide you with separate installers for 32 and 64 bit versions.

Earlier versions of Apple Logic had the option to switch between 32 and 64 bit version in the app preferences accessed by right clicking the and choosing “Get Info”.

Also make sure to rescan all your plugins via the respective function usually found at the preference/settings tab of your DAW. Ensure that the Perfect Drums plugin destination folders are included in the list (you can find the default paths in the answer 2.1 of this FAQ document).

Cockos Reaper has a plugin cache stored so it may not reindex the plugins properly some times. Try navigating to the Perfect Drums plugin destination manually.

Make sure you are looking for Perfect Drums in the list of instrument plugins, not the regular FX/insert plugins. It is usually a separate category in most of the DAW’s named either instrument or generator.

3.2 On the first launch I was presented with the authorization screen. Where do I get the codes?

When you launch Perfect Drums for the first time you will be asked for the Authorization codes to proceed.

Please find your unique System ID number listed amongst the other fields and send it to us at:

We will get back with all the response codes needed to authorize your software shortly.

3.3 I sent my System ID but have not received any response codes. What should I do?

We process all the authorization requests manually here for safety reasons. So please allow us some time to get you in. It won’t take more than 15-20 min  in most of the cases though.

3.4 I entered all the authorization codes correctly but it still fails to activate. What's wrong?

In some rare cases you should try entering all the codes manually by hand (not copy-pasting them).

Also if you are sure the codes are entered correctly but still get the authorization failure, please try restarting your computer and re entering the codes again.

3.5 On the first launch I was asked to specify the path to the library file. Where can I find one?

Yes, you will be asked to specify the path to the Perfect Drums library file on the product first launch.

The file “Factory_Library.pdlib” can be found within your product download package together with the installer and other related content. The actual Perfect Drums installer won’t copy the library file leaving it to you so you could place it at any location you would like it to be on your internal/external hard drive. So make sure you did not forget to copy it to the desired destination.

If you happen to move the library file afterwards, Perfect Drums will kindly ask you to update the destination again when you launch it.


3.6 My Perfect Drums library file checksum failed with an error code. What should I do?


The library file checksum helps us identify whether the it was downloaded properly so you won’t get any application crashes due to this reason.

If you happen to get the checksum failure please try re downloading the library file from within your User Area and try again.

3.7 How can I access my User Area to get my product download links?

You can access your product download links any time from within your User Area:

Downloads section:

If you are logged out use the link below to sign in:

If you can’t remember your user name or password please contact our support team at: