Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions

1.1 What are the Perfect Drums system requirements?

Macintosh Computers:

  • Mac OS 10.6 or newer (64 bit only)
  • Dual Core Intel processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB strongly recommended)
  • Minimum 5 GB free HDD space
  • Display capable of at least 1280×1024
  • Sound card with ASIO or Core Audio driver
  • 64 bit AU, VST or AAX host application


Windows Computers:

  • Windows XP or newer OS (64 bit only)
  • Dual Core processor or higher
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB strongly recommended)
  • Minimum 5 GB free HDD space
  • Display capable of at least 1280×1024
  • Sound card with ASIO driver
  • 64 bit VST or AAX host application
1.2 So is it 64bit only?

Yes. Perfect Drums is 64bit only so make sure you have both the 64bit operating system and a 64bit compatible audio host application in order to run the software.

Please note that some DAW’s are still offering separate installers/apps for 32bit and 64bit versions so make sure to launch the 64bit one.


Below is the list of currently supported and unsupported versions of some of the major DAW’s:

Pro Tools 10 and earlier is NOT supported (11 and later is supported).

Cubase 4 and earlier is NOT supported (5 and later is supported).

Logic 8 and earlier is NOT supported (8.1 and later is supported).

Reaper 2 and earlier is NOT supported (2.5 and later is supported).

Samplitude 9 and earlier is NOT supported (PRO X and later is supported).

FL Studio 10 and earlier is NOT supported (11 and later is supported).

1.3 Does Perfect Drums work in standalone or is it a plugin only?

Perfect Drums is a 64bit native VST/AU/AAX plugin only at the moment. However we are working on the standalone version here right now, which will be announced soon.

1.4 Where can I find the user manual?

You can find the user manual in the MEDIA section on the web site, as well as in program installation folder on your computer, which is as follows:

Mac OS: Macintosh HD:\Library\Audio\Presets\Naughty Seal Audio\Perfect Drums

Windows: C:/Program Files/Naughty Seal Audio/Perfect Drums

1.5 Do you really offer free lifetime updates and library expansions?

Yes. All Perfect Drums users get free updates and all upcoming factory library expansion. Producer and 3d party expansion are not covered here though.

1.6 Am I able to move the library file to a custom location?

Yes. When you launch Perfect Drums for the first Tim you will be asked to specify the path to the library data file. You can also drag and drop it directly to the plugin window. This procedure can be repeated each time you would like to change the data file location.

1.7 What is perfect drums tci pack?

Perfect Drums TCI is a special version of Perfect Drums created for use with the Slate Digital TRIGGER plugin.  It contains 22 instruments found in the factory sound library:

  • 4 kick drums
  • 6 snare drums
  • 12 toms (4 full sets)


Each instrument incorporates all the available Perfect Drums’ sample groups, including:

  • DIRECT microphone samples
  • FX samples (parallel processed samples)
  • OVERHEAD samples
  • ROOM samples
  • REVERB samples
1.8 Will I get the TCI pack included when I purchase the full version?

Yes. The Slate Digital Trigger pack is included in the full version.

1.9 What is the difference between Perfect Drums and PD Player?

Perfect Drums Player is a free virtual instrument plug-in, that enables anyone to load and use unique multi-sampled instruments, created in the full version of Perfect Drums.

So the main difference is that you can NOT create your own instruments out of your samples in the PD Player. This is only possible in the full version. PD Player just let’s anyone load these instruments so you can be 100% sure that every single person in the world could be able to load your instruments created in the full version.


1.10 Is there any demo version to try?

We currently do not provide any demo due to the security reasons mainly. However we have created a demo kit for the free PD Player containing 8 instruments from one of the factory library presets. The number of round robins is limited to 2 per dynamic layer though as a part of a demo limitation. But it gives you a basic understanding of what you get in the full version and you can try it out in your mix. Not to mention that you are able to get your self familiar with the PD mixer capabilities that is also incorporated in the PD Player. You can find the link to the demo kit as well as the PD Player itself on the following page:

Just load the .pdpk file in the PD Player. On the Sampler tab, at the Kit Designer section click on the little “gears” icon and choose “Load Sampler Kit” from the drop down menu.

You can also find the free Ludwig Carl Palmer snare drum we are giving away for the PD Player format there as well.

Another thing to mention is that we have a full money back program, so you will be 100% refunded if it turns out that the PD is not your cup of tee in a 14 days period.

1.11 Have you used any post processing on your Soundcloud demos?

All drums heard on all of the tracks on our Soundcloud page (“In the mix” playlist) are 100% Perfect Drums with absolutely NO additional processing, routed from the plugin output straight to the master bus, hosting a basic mastering processing chain. Uncompressed “.wav” files are included for download.

1.12 What copy protection system do you use?

We use our own copy protection algorithm based on the unique system ID/response codes. So you don’t need any USB dongle to authorize your copy.

And you are free to use up to 3 machines with Perfect Drums. You just send us every new System ID for each new computer you’d like to use and we get back with the response codes.

1.13 So do I need iLok to use Perfect Drums?

No, you don’t need iLok nor any other USB dongle to use Perfect Drums.

1.14 Are there any discount codes or something?

Yes. We have discount programs for educational, endorsement and other promo activities as well as for season/holiday sales.

1.15 Can I ask for a NFR license to review/endorse Perfect Drums?

Yes, we encourage any promo activities. Please give us a note at:

1.16 Can I transfer my license to another user?

You are of course free to transfer your copy if you decide to drop. Send us the email of the user you’d like to transfer the license to so we can put him to the user list and send him the links. Of course you will no longer be in the user list after that, nor you will get any more software updates and support since you are about to transfer it to another user.

1.17 Do you offer product refunds?

Yes. You are eligible to get a full refund in a 14 days period.

1.18 Does it come as a digital download or do I get a physical copy after purchase?

Perfect Drums is a digital download only. No physical copies sent.

1.19 I have no PayPal account. Do you offer any other payment methods?

We support PayPal checkout only at the moment.

1.20 Am I able to use Perfect Drums with my electronic kit?

Sure. You are able to use Perfect Drums with your electronic kit.

1.21 Can I use Perfect Drums on several computers with a single license?

Yes. You are free to use Perfect Drums on up to 3 machines with a single purchase.

1.22 Are there any MIDI map presets included?

Yes. We have created a bunch of MIDI map presets for you to try. Please take in mind though that the maps are adapted as close as possible and are not to be considered as 100% matching due to the differences between the instruments’ articulations and some individual specifics across different products. So you will most likely need to additionally tweak some notes (hi-hats in particular).

Additionally, you can save your own MIDI maps for further use. So there is no need to reprogram the map for every new project.

1.23 Will I get any MIDI grooves included with the software?

No. We currently do not include any MIDI grooves. But we are working on the Grooves module here right now so it will come in one of the nearest software updates.